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2010 CIFPs National Conference

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Fee Model Solutions
Pre-Conference Workshop

Event Date: June 11, 2010 – June 13, 2010

Host: To Fee or Not to Fee

Contact Phone: 613-240-8308

Event Description:

CFP Marc Lamontagne will guide you through the whys and hows of the fee model and explain why it makes sense for you and your clients. You’ll have the opportunity to interact personally with a practicing fee financial planner and guest lecturers who have been charging fees for over a decade. They’ll share the tips and tools of fee advisors, answer your questions and give you practical advice directly applicable to your practice. Plus, you’ll leave with a copy of the Fee Model Solutions Workbook which includes useful templates, exercises and techniques.

Over three days this course explains:
  • How to price your services
  • When and how to charge various kinds of fees
  • How to develop wealth management services and get paid for it
  • Business planning
  • Practice management issues
  • Implementing the transition to fees
  • Overcoming the most common obstacles to a transition
  • Fee advisors best practices
Please click here for more information.

Or as an alternative: Please visit To Fee or Not to Fee for more information.

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