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2011 CIFPs National Conference

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Speaker Presentations

Jamie Golombek, CA, CPA, CFP, CLU, TEP
Managing Director, Tax and Estate Planning - CIBC Private Wealth Management
“Registered Plan Prioritization: Theory & Practice” and “How the 2011 Budget Affects You and Your Clients”

John Zechner, B.A., M.A., CFA
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer - J. Zechner Associates Inc.
Adding Value Thru Asset Allocation and Sector Rotation

Carol Bezaire, PFPC., TEP, CLU
Vice President, Tax and Estate Planning - Mackenzie Financial
Strategies to Help Clients Generate Income and Transfer Wealth

John J. De Goey, MPA, CIM, FCSI, TEP, CFP
Vice President - Burgeonvest Bick Securities Limited
Investment Planning and Investment Planning Statements

Lynda Gibson, CGA
Manager, Aggressive Tax Planning Division - Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)
The Income Tax Act … & You

Phil Diguer
Manager, Aggressive Tax Planning's, Projects and Initiative Section - CRA
The Income Tax Act … & You

Ron Meisels
President - Phases & Cycles Inc.
Technical Analysis in Making Investment Decisions

Shawn Brayman, Ch.FP., B.Sc, MES
President - PlanPlus Inc.
Research to Makes us Better Financial Planners

Peter Drake, B.A., M.A.
Vice President, Retirement & Economic Research - Fidelity Investments Canada
The new retirement generation: Implications for financial planning

Patrick Longhurst, CFP, FCIA
President - Longhurst & Jack Inc.
Helping your Clients through the Pension Decision Process

Rob Kochel
Vice President, National Accounts - Invesco Trimark
“StorySelling” … making the unknown known using the familiar

Steve Krupicz, FSA, FCIA, HBSc
Actuarial Consultant - Manulife Financial
Life Expectancy & Financial Planning

Andrea Kelly
Barrister & Solicitor
How to Avoid Disputes Over Your Estate

Erez Blumberger
Deputy Director, Registrant Regulation - Ontario Securities Commission
Understanding what you can and cannot do as a licensed representative

Doug Carroll, JD, LLM, CFP, TEP
Vice President, Tax and Estate Planning - Invesco Trimark
Professional Corporations – Leveraging the Tax Opportunities

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